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Integrated Management System policy
"As a result, the new technology does not necessarily supplant the old one, but as the name suggests, it will make it outdated and eventually replace it. It's like people used to have black and white TV sets and when the colour ones appeared on the market, they decided whether new technology was worth investing in it or not."

Steve Jobs


From the beginning of existence of ThorLinings Sp. z o. o., Sp. k. we have been providing professional services to our customers involving the supply of a broad range of fireproof materials, their installation, technical consulting as well as extensive design support, and at the same time we have been protecting the lives and health of our employees. We understand that effective management of our actions can simultaneously improve the safety of our staff and reduce the negative impact of our company on the environment. Therefore, the Management Board of ThorLinings has made a strategic decision to implement the Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

ThorLinings is implementing its Integrated Management System policy through:
  • meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers and project needs, offering innovative solutions while emphasising customer cost optimisation,
  • timely fulfilment of tasks,
  • enforcement of our quality, environmental and safety standards from the business partners and suppliers of ThorLinings,
  • innovation, i.e. being always one step ahead of the competitors,
  • prevention of pollutant emissions in the vicinity of the premises of ThorLinings,
  • responding fast to market changes, changing expectations of our customers or legal regulations, and adapting our business to the effects of these changes,
  • optimisation of organisation of works conducted at the customers’ premises (preparation, installation, cleanliness),
  • maintaining the highest quality standards for the services offered, protecting the environment, abiding by occupational safety and health rules,
  • prevention of accidents at work,
  • improving the safety of our employees during work, e.g. by organising training cycles,
  • systematic assessment of the fulfillment of duties dictated by the law with regard to environmental protection and OSH, as well as those imposed by our business partners and other entities,
  • rational consumption of utilities,
  • continuous improvement of the implemented Integrated Management System.

The policy of ThorLinings is a document communicated to the employees, understood and used, also available to our business partners. It is subject to systematic review.

Przyszowice, 12 June 2017
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