"The high quality service is achieved when what comes back to us is NOT A PRODUCT but the CUSTOMER".
As a supplier of refractory materials, technology and installation services we are guided by the motto SUPPLY & INSTALL. It's installations that largely determine how Your refractory lining will perform. Choosing the right material is only half the solution. The other half is the choice of appropriate technology and installation company. We can combine both giving our customers comfort during the investment plans and repairs. On one hand, it is a big responsibility taking into account the complexity of the task, on the other hand it's the ability to have control and supervision by the contractor of the whole project. 
There are professionally trained experts working with us, with many years of experience. We also work with high quality skilled supervisors. We are equipped with a modern and well developed equipment base. This enables us to provide our customers the highest level of service.

"Even the most skilled specialist cannot cope with the task without the proper equipment"

Our Equipment allows us to perform any task of demolition or refractory installation in the field. We have experienced and quality personel to perform all necessary installation like brickwork, gunning and casting whether scaffolding is needed or not.
A safe workplace is our first and foremost priority. With that being said, we always guarantee an efficient quality installation.

All works carried out by our installation team are performed with the use of the state-of-the-art technological solutions and modern machines. You can find out more in the EQUIPMENT tab.

Thorlinings provides comprehensive services in the installation of refractory materials, including but not limited to:
  • demolition works
  • welding
  • formwork
  • bricklaying of masonry
  • concreting - dry shotcrete, wet shotcrete, concrete
  • emergency aid