Bricking Rig
Every hour that your kiln is down is another hour of production lost - therefore it is essential to make installations as quickly as possible. By making your team's job easier for them, they are less fatigued and less likely to be injured - therefore better able to concentrate on the higher quality installation made possible by our equipment.

Depending on kiln size you can use:
  • EZ Flexx 50 - Bricking machine designed for 3,6 m – 7,6m kiln diameters, made from lightweight aluminum. Flexible arch allows for easy adjustment inside the kiln.
  • EZ Flexx 50 Small - Smaller version of EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machine designed for smaller kiln diameters, 3 m – 4 m.
  • ECON – O – Ring (ECOR) - It is an adjustable, economically priced, medium duty machine designed to service kilns from 2,4m through 3,7m inside brick diameter. The ECOR is a double arched adjustable bricking machine, with a unique adjustable frame system multiple hinged arch sections. This allows the ECOR to be adjusted to many different diameter combinations within its range.
  • Mini ECON – O – Ring (MECOR) - The MECOR is a single arched adjustable bricking machine. Small duty machine, designed particularly to service small kilns, diameter from 1,2M to 2,5M.

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